The Autism Naturopath’s #1 Top Tip – Getting Started Roadmap

It’s important to start biomedical therapy as soon as you can – the earlier therapy is started, the better the results. Yes it’s confusing and it can be overwhelming, so I have developed a Get Started Roadmap that shows you what to do.

Learn about the 9 steps to take right now to improve tummy problems, sleep, and behaviour…




80% of the parents see a dramatic difference in their autistic child’s behaviour when they eliminate these 6 foods from their child’s diet.

Learn about the food changes that will make the biggest difference to behaviour, tummy aches and sleeping. Out Food Foundations Guide explains what to do and why as well as vital strategies on how to get your child eating new things.




Meal Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats that make a dramatic difference in 80% of Autistic children’s behaviour.

Quick nutritious meal ideas are essential in today’s busy world. This guide includes tips to increase nutrition as well as interesting ways to make food entertaining and inviting for the whole family.




The top 5 supplements that can make a dramatics difference in your Autistic child’s behaviour

Supplements can make a dramatic difference to behaviour and other areas for kids on the spectrum. This guide shows you what supplements may help your child, links to where you can buy them online and how introduce supplements.




Traps to Watch out for Including the Biggest Regret of Most Parents

It’s so important to learn from families on the same path and avoid making the same mistakes. In this guide I share the top recommendations of families including their biggest regret.




Learn How to Help Your Child with Autism…

the Only Course of its Kind in the World

So many mums ask me how to get started, what the important things are, what to do, why these things help and why they haven’t been told about them before.

Mums are astonished by the improvements after a few changes in their child’s diet and by getting the bowels moving regularly – they just have no idea that these changes can make such a difference.

I am asked continually where they can learn this stuff – about diet, what supplements will help, how to heal the gut, how they can get a hair analysis to check for heavy metals and do I have an online program so they can get started.

Well…. here it is … will give you a regular weekly course, it will keep you on track, give you support and I can teach you key points about biomedical


therapy. Things like healing the gut, restoring the digestive cascade and chelating heavy metals.

I want to support you to make the changes, the first 15 weeks are the hardest and are when you are most likely to give up. My greatest wish is that you succeed and I want to help you stay on track.



Gluten Free Flour Conversion Chart

This handy chart shows how to substitute flour with gluten free ingredients



Worried your child is sensitive to egg?

Here is how to replace eggs in baking