Biomedical Autism – Methyl B12 Injections as Therapy for Children with Autism

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Biomedical Autism  therapy often involves methyl B12, the only vitamin of the group that is able to create biochemical pathways that  enable more activity and synapses to the brain. B12 along with the vitamin, folic acid, work together to create the cells in our bodies. Methylation is what creates the cells in our body, and these two vitamins play a vital role in the methylation process. The cells of a foetus are demethylated, and depend on the process of methylation for proper development. That is why women who have the potential to get pregnant are encouraged to take folic acid at all times.

A study conducted by Dr. S. Jill James of the University of Arkansas focused on biomedical autism therapy; it was found that 90% of the children diagnosed with ASD had methylation defects. These studies have also depicted that ASD children have 80% less glutathione in their cells. The brains of children with autism are not getting enough fuel to the brain to help it detoxify the heavy metals and harmful substances that come from the body. This leads to a deficiency in the cognitive and language development of these children.

Biomedical autism therapy and the critical role of methylation

There is more evidence showing that methylation plays an important role in developmental issues found in children with autism and ADHD. Methylation plays an important role in the immune system and regulates the detoxification of heavy metals and harmful substances. Methylations regulate the production of glutathione, which is the body’s main detoxification enzyme that also removes heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium, to name a few. It also controls inflammation. Evidence suggesting that methylation is responsible for the control of glutathione and its role in ASD is found through Dr. S. Jill James’ studies, which have shown that children with ASD have decreased levels of glutathione and impaired methylation.

Biomedical autism therapy and research by Richard Deth

Another researcher, Dr. Richard Deth from the Northeastern University is an expert in the area of impaired methylation in neurological disorders such as autism and ADHD. Dr. Deth found through his research that there is a specific connection between methylation, dopamine and children’s attention span. These findings have convinced doctors and researchers that B12 is vital to the treatment of children with these disorders.

The cells of children with ASD or ADHD have a difficult time absorbing the methyl to promote methylation, therefore delaying and damaging the developmental system of the child. Helping these children receive the vitamin that they are deficient in and are having trouble utilizing, will help their development in the areas of focus and attention substantially.

The advantages of Methyl B12 are numerous. Methyl B12 injections will help children have an increase in awareness, cognition and responsiveness. There will also be an increase in their development in the areas of speech and language. Socialization and understanding will also be enhanced, and children will be able to be more functional in social situations.

Side effects of MB12 autism therapy

As with any therapy, there are possible side effects, but these effects are positive, in that they show that the therapy is working. Hyperactivity and sleep disturbances as well as aggression are possible side effects. These side effects are most often due to the increased awareness the children begin to feel due to the changes in their body from the Methyl B12 injections. Parents should not worry, as these effects often diminish with continued treatment. However please contact your practitioner if you are concerned. Also, it is important to remember that Methyl B12 injections are not a cure for autism. It is a biomedical therapy, which can help children on the spectrum lead better lives. With other biomedical autism therapies, children with ASD can make substantial developmental progress.

It is important to remember that every child is different and whilst one child may make significant improvement, for other children there may be little progress made. It is important to evaluate your child’s response, so whilst the injections are being given record the results closely and change nothing else in their program.

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