How an Autism Naturopathic Therapist can Help Your Autistic Child?

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What can be done to help using Autism Naturopathic Therapist? What sort of things are involved in treatment?


As an Autism Naturopathic Therapist on the Gold Coast, Queensland, these are questions I hear over and over again. Most parents know about Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis. Some families also know about the Sonrise Program and the Handle Program – all of which can be of great benefit to children with Autism.

These programs all help your child with learning and integration into our world, but none help with the common symptoms of autism like constipation, diarrhoea, tummy pain, food sensitivities, picky eating, heavy metal buildup and poor sleep, nor do they address the reasons why your child is not learning efficiently, nor the depleted levels of essential vitamins and minerals commonly seen in Autism.

Biomedical protocols guided by an Autism Naturopathic Therapist, can greatly enhance the effectiveness of behaviour interventions. Biomedical protocols help unlock your child’s brain so they can learn, helping your child integrate their behaviour therapy.

An Autism Naturopathic Therapist will address the following areas to help your child.


The gastrointestinal system is of utmost importance, Hippocrates, the father of medicine is quoted to have said “All disease begins in the gut”

The first step a Autism Naturopathic Therapist will take, is to introduce a healthy autism diet, removing foods that drive inflammation in the body and introducing foods that calm and soothe. Removing foods that drive inflammation like sugar, gluten, dairy, soy and corn allows healing of the digestive system to begin.

Autism Naturopathic Therapist are aware that most children have an overload of bad bacteria that have taken up residence in their gut and developed into biofilms. Overgrowth of bacteria such as prevotella, clostridia and streptococcus are commonly found in stool tests. It’s not just a matter of killing them off as they can be very difficult to remove. As a Autism Naturopathic Therapist, we recommend to change the complete environment of the digestive system, cultivating friendly bacteria and stimulating the production of digestive secretions. Most autistic children’s digestive systems are virtually “switched off” meaning that the natural defense system that keeps these bugs under control is simply not working. Autism Naturopathic Therapists understand this critical concept and will advise how to get your child’s digestive system “switched on” again.

Autism Naturopathic Therapist have the next major area of concern is the level of heavy metal accumulation in your child. Many kids are high in mercury, lead, antimony, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, silver, tin and copper, as well as other environmental toxins that are in cosmetics, household cleaners, plastics, insect sprays and in fabrics.

Most Autism Naturopathic Therapist know that there is no point using a conventional blood test to measure heavy metal buildup. The blood test will only be positive if your child has been exposed to the metal in the last 7 or so days. A hair analysis can be ordered by your Autism Naturopathic Therapist to assess the body burden of heavy metals.

Pyrrole disorder is a little known condition that is becoming more prevalent in children with Autism. Thought to be a genetic condition, it results in the depletion of zinc and B6 from the body. This leads to imbalances in neurotransmitters affecting sleep, moods – including rage, anger outbursts and anxiety. Zinc is a critical nutrient for many body functions and deficiency can be a factor in lowered immunity, white spots on nails and poor elimination of toxins and heavy metals. Your Autism Naturopathic Therapist will also want to see greatly reduced tolerance for stress and sensory dysregulation.

The fifth important point is to restore levels of essential vitamins and minerals to your child’s body, improving the health of their cells and allowing your child to grow and develop.

These actions are a broad summary of what is involved. Your Autism Naturopathic Therapist will explain exactly what is required and tailor the treatment for your child.

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Julie Damant is the leading Autism Naturopath in Australia, specialising in Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, PDD, learning difficulties, allergies and children’s health. Julie is a degree qualified Naturopath, has completed specialised training with the MINDD Foundation, Michael Sichel and numerous post graduate courses in Naturopathy. “I know improvement is possible, I have seen it, and will continue to see it as families make the changes that are required to help their child. Working together we can, and will make a difference. I look forward to meeting you.”
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