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Natural, Drug Free Help

Natural biomedical treatment looks at the root cause of these issues, removes toxins, including heavy metals from the body, heals the gut and restores depleted levels of vitamins and minerals.  Natural biomedical treatment unlocks the brain so your child can learn.

Jeff Bradstreet, MD, says: “Traditional medical thinking presumes the disorder (Autism) is lifelong and not reversible. Typically parents are told to ‘cope with it’ and offered no hope. Yet the combination of behavioural and biomedical intervention clearly improves, sometimes dramatically, many children with Autism.”

The Journey

To be absolutely honest it is a long path, it requires commitment and perseverance.  It is like a jigsaw of 1000 pieces and only 100 will fit your child.  We need to find those 100 pieces.

It can get totally overwhelming.

There is so much information, so much to learn and so many changes to make.  It is so important never to give up.  Don’t accept that Autism is for life, that your child will always be Autistic, you can do more than just “cope with it”.

Start your child on Biomedical Treatment today.

Change your life, change your child’s life, get your family back and enjoy those wonderful, magical, joyful moments that Autism threatened to steal from you forever. Don’t let the disability affect your child for life.

Improvement is possible in many kids.

    Children With Autism Commonly Experience

  • Pain in their digestive system that often keeps them awake at night
  • Constipation and/or diarrhoea
  • Picky eating
  • Poor sleep
  • Inflammation
  • Repeated infections such as coughs, colds, ear infections and fevers
  • Heavy metal buildup in their body
  • Poor liver function
  • Food sensitivities and leaky gut
  • Candida overload
  • Bacterial and viral overload

Introductory consultation just $37. Call now on 07 55187607 


  • He's talking now - the words have been the biggest thing for us. At last count it was 36 words. Yesterday he said every single word that the speech therapist wanted him to say, we were wrapped in that. He is really looking at us for things he is interested in, he'll point and try to say the words, he is really trying. I'd say definitely go for it, you can only go forward, you cannot go backwards in this. It has just been so worthwhile, you have to do it.

  • Norm and I both agree that our newfound understanding of food and all that goes with it is something that has already changed our lives and will only bring quality into our lives further as we go. You are an amazing lady and I value what you have given us more than you will ever know. Thank you so much for giving us this Julie.

  • After just 9 days on the diet our daughter started to come out of her isolated world. She made eye contact, played with us and was generally a happier child. We didn't know that diet could make such a big difference to autism and we urge other families to at least give it a go



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